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Global Montessori Plus programme combines preferred practices in pre-school education with the fastest growing methods of the world-renowned Montessori education system. The programme recognises the uniqueness of every child and develops it further.

Global Montessori Plus programme facilitates opportunities for social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth of the child. The age-appropriate learning environment enables children to reach their fullest-potential.

The Global Montessori Plus programme offers:

  • Specialised grade-focused Montessori Labs
  • Enhancing Multiple Intelligences
  • 'iCare' Programme to create early environmental awareness
  • Accelerated reading and writing programme
  • Unique Toy Room concept

What does the Global Montessori Plus programme provide?

  • Safe, warm and positive environment in which each child feels secure, respected
  • and loved
  • Stimulate physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of the child
  • Encourage creativity and help in developing a positive self-image
  • Encourage love for learning
Course Duration 1 year for each class
Academic Year April to March
Available in Pre- Nursery, Nursery, Kindergarten ( for Indore & Noida)
Nursery, Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2 ( for Bangalore & Surat)
Pre-requisites Child should be 2.5 years or above for
entry into Nursery


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